Sunday, March 4, 2007

Viewers' Guide to The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Joe Zias has posted a very useful (and highly critical) "viewers guide" to the Talpiot tomb documentary. Among many interesting comments you'll find remarks like this:

Whereas their attempt as probability looks impressive, a 600 to 1 chance that it is the 'Family', it falls flat when one realizes that the info. given to the statistician was that of a nuclear family of ca 10 people whereas the truth of the matter is that the family of 10 is an extended family of maybe 50 or more comprising 4-5 generations, as a result it simply cannot be computed. They knew this and I have the feeling that this info. was not divulged to the mathematician.
Joe Zias is a highly respected anthropologist/archaeologist known for his sound judgment and solid scholarship. Here's a nice piece by Zias on ancient crucifixion (in case you've had enough of the Talpiot tomb).

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