Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Jesus

I'm happy to announce the release of my book, A Hitchhiker's Guide to Jesus (Baker, 2011).

You'll find it on Amazon here and at Baker here.

At the risk of shameless self-promotion, here are a few scholars' blurbs:
"Bruce Fisk has possibly written the most creative, fascinating, and informed book on the Gospels in a generation. My students will love this book. Think Gerd Theissen's Shadow of the Galilean, but in this case the narrator isn't a first-century grain merchant but a hookah-smoking college student named Norm. . . . In countless cases, I found myself amused and impressed with how Fisk could illustrate things. 'Genius' could well describe many of the pages in the book. Fisk is a first-rate scholar as well as a brilliant communicator. Every New Testament teacher owes it to his or her students to consider this as a fresh new text on the Gospels."
-- Gary M. Burge, professor of New Testament, Wheaton College
"This volume introduces students to New Testament scholarship by telling them a story--a lively romp that combines travelogue with quest narrative, spun in a style sparkling with wit and replete with idioms of the Facebook generation. . ."
-- Mark Allan Powell, professor of New Testament, Trinity Lutheran Seminary
"I've never seen (nor imagined!) anything like this book. Following trails with many twists and turns, readers traverse the territories of biblical scholarship, Judaism, Greco-Roman religion, and the Christian tradition in a journey of personal and spiritual reflection. It's an expedition that takes us to a deeper understanding of Scripture and Jesus Christ. Fisk has inaugurated a new genre in biblical studies that deftly combines academic study with the human experience. Readers will love it; scholars will wish they'd written it."
-- Kenton L. Sparks, professor of Hebrew Bible, Eastern University